What makes De Plattekloof different?

It is an approved, environmentally integrated urban retirement lifestyle estate with facilities aimed at the active senior and those needing specialised care.

Who designed De Plattekloof?

It has been a collaboration between Arun Holdings, TV 3 the architects, and nominated operator.

Who are the developers?

Arun (Pty) Ltd

Who is financing the development?

Arun (Pty) Ltd and Old Mutual

How many units are going to be developed in total on the estate?

There will be approximately 57 houses, 98 independent living apartment units and 114 assisted living suites.

What are the average sizes of the properties?

The sectional title apartment properties range between 35m² – 150m². The sectional title individual properties range between 180 m² – 300m².

Is De Plattekloof environmentally sensitive?

Yes, it also employs a dedicated environmentalist who works on the project team.


What about service and property maintenance for absent owners?

Yes, there will be services available for absent owners.

What other facilities will be on offer on & around the estate?

Various activities such as golf, birding, bowls, swimming, jogging trail, cycling, nature trail, gym, shopping malls will be available for residents.

What about children and general family?

The De Plattekloof Estate was conceptualized for active seniors with the family in mind.

Children are permitted on the estate but please review rule 7 of the Conduct Rules, which states that owners/residents shall ensure that their visitors (whether children grandchildren or otherwise) do not make or cause undue noise that creates a disturbance, including the loud playing of any musical instrument, radios, record players, compact disc players, television sets and videos.

Are there any hospitals in the nearby area?

Yes. There are excellent private hospitals namely Panorama Mediclinic and N1 City Hospital in the Plattekloof area.

Do I automatically obtain membership to the clubhouse and healthcare if I buy property?

Yes, and it is covered in the levy and in the house rules.

Who is the estate's dedicated healthcare provider?

Medwell SA has been appointed as De Plattekloof’s dedicated healthcare provider. With more than 20 years’ experience, Medwell SA provides managed home healthcare services in the comfort of patients’ own homes to sustain independent living for as long as possible. De Plattekloof’s on-site healthcare facility will provide 24-hour nursing, clinic and other services.

How will Medwell enter my unit if I have left the key in the lock?

All locks on the inside of the front doors will be replaced with thumb turns.

Will a list of all services and residents' phone numbers be available?

List of services telephone numbers will be made available.

Does De Plattekloof Estate own a liquor license?

De Plattekloof Lifestyle Estate has already applied for a liquor licence and is
awaiting approval.

When will the hair salon be operational?

The hair salon will become operational as soon as there is a demand from residents.

How will payments be made to the hair salon?

Payment will be made directly by the resident to the operator.

How will payments be made to the Bistro?

Payments at the Bistro and Bar will be made via pre-loaded cards or debit/credit cards.

How will the estate ensure that laundry does not go missing?

Feedem will provide a laundry bag which will be marked clearly with the resident’s name and unit number.

Where and when will church services be held?

Church services will be arranged. Resident who wish to attend church services should contact the Estate Manager.

Will basic groceries like bread, milk and water be sold at De Plattekloof?

No, but Spar Plattekloof have indicate that they will deliver groceries to De Plattekloof free of charge.

How will internal and external transport work?

Internal transport can be arranged with the Estate Manager. The external transport service will become operational as soon as the residents express the need for such a service.

Have any arrangements been made with Planet Fitness for the use of their pool and facilities?

Yes. Special membership fees have been arranged. R299 per month on a 24 month contract or R399 per month for 12 months. Please note that there is also a “lady’s only section”. Further special rates will be negotiated.


Security on the estate?

The security at De Plattekloof is of the highest standards to ensure resident’s safety. Systems like controlled access and roving guards within an enclosed perimeter are but a few examples. Please see our security section on the website for a comprehensive list.

How will guests be able to enter Tijgerzicht?

Guests will be able to announce their arrival at Tijgerzicht’s Reception, from where residents can fetch their guests or visit the lounge and dining areas.


Who will design and build my house?

The De Plattekloof design centre provides a professional architectural service, which includes building design, sketch design, municipal approval drawings, full documentation and specification and also building supervision. We believe that the the nominated contractor and contracted arthitect – TV3  will be able to provide a professional service to purchasers.

May I use my own architect?

No, as there is an aesthetic manual to be managed.

What are the basic architectural guidelines?

The basic architectural guideline is the Cape vernacular style.

Who are the conveyancing attorneys?

The Conveyance Attorneys are: Van der Spuy Attorneys.

Will I be able to rent it out?

Yes, but certain conditions apply. Please refer to the house rules for more information.


What is the payment schedule?

10% Deposit with guarantees or bond approval, with the balance payable on registration of transfer.

Are there any additional costs?

The only additional costs are the costs for conveyances and bond registration.

What rates and taxes will I pay?

The formula for the calculation of municipal rates and taxes is as follows:
Estimated Monthly Rates = Sales Price less R200,000 x 0.0063970 / 365 x 30 days

What will my monthly levy be?

The levy will be dependent on the specific property you purchase as will be reflected in the Deed of Sale, and will be subject to annual escalation of 8% on 1 January.

What does the levy cover?

The levy covers Primary Healthcare Services for all, security, maintenance of public areas as well as estate management and administration and more. Please refer to Annexure “E” for comprehensive detail of what the levies include.

When do the owners start contributing to the levies?

Levies are payable from occupation.


The banks and attorneys are waiting for outstanding information.

The only outstanding information is the NHBRC enrolment. Arun is currently expediting the enrolment with the NHBRC.

What is the latest regarding the removal of the Telkom line in front of Lebenstin and Tijgerzicht?

Telkom has indicated that the line can be moved. Arun is in the process of
finalising arrangements with Telkom.

Is it true that the development is in financial trouble.?

The development is not in trouble. Arun Lifestyle, the joint venture company between Arun Holdings and Old Mutual is financially sound. NMC Construction, the Contractor for Phase 1 of the development has been placed in liquidation. Arun is awaiting approval from the liquidator for Arun to complete the remaining work in Tijgerzicht and the snag items in Lebenstijn and Bloemendal.