de plattekloof

Cape Town is currently in the midst of a serious drought and the City of Cape Town is implementing various measures to help conserve water and push back Day Zero. De Plattekloof Lifestyle Estate has put together a water management plan to contribute to saving this precious resource.


  • A borehole has been commissioned to serve the estate
  • Alternative contractors’ water source(s) have been made available by the City of Cape Town.
  • A water consultancy has been appointed to formulate a grey water and rainwater harvesting and storage plan specifically for the estate.
  • We are receiving effluent water from the City of Cape Town. Effluent water is recycled sewerage water which has been treated and piped back via separate network of pipes for industrial purposes.


We are confident that all our efforts to help conserve water are contributing to the pushing back of Day Zero.

If you would like to engage with our team regarding De Plattekloof Lifestyle Estate’s water management plan, please contact us.